Regulatory Frameworks

Doc_Reference Doc_Type Framework Country Keywords I-RESTART Date Summary Application Entry force Language Link Comments
Decreto-Lei n.º 14/2017 Decree-Law Training Portugal Training, National Qualifications System 26/01/2017 Changes the legal system of the National Qualifications System and defines the structures that ensure its operation National 24/01/2017 Portuguese
Despacho n.º 6787/2020 Decree Bioeconomy Portugal Training, National Qualifications System 19/07/2020 Determines the elaboration of a study that allows for the structuring and systematization of the agro-forestry sector strategic lines in the context of the "National Strategy for Sustainable Bioeconomy 2030" development National 19/07/2020 Portuguese
Portaria n.º 324/2015 Governmental order Sustainability Portugal European Partnership, Agricultural Innovation, Productivity and Sustainability 01/10/2015 Creates the Initiatives Data Base for the European Innovation Partnership 'Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability', in particular for the action 1.1. "Operational Groups" of the measure 1 "Innovation" of the Rural Development Program of the mainland (PDR2020) National 02/10/2015 Portuguese
Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n .º 30/2020 Resolution of the Council of Ministers Digitalization Portugal Digitalization 21/02/2020 Approves the Digital Transition Action Plan National 22/02/2020 Portuguese
Deliberazione della Giunta Regionale 1 giugno 2018, n. 35-6976 Multiannual directive on vocational training Training Italy Training, Inclusion, Unemployment 18/05/2021 The Directive regulates the methods of approval, financing and implementation of the regional training offer aimed at increasing the opportunities of socio-occupational integration of young people and adults through the multi-year planning of free courses, provided by the accredited training agencies of the territory, in order to contribute to the... Regional 07/06/2018 Italian
Dlgs 16 gennaio 2013, n. 13 legislative decree Training Italy Non-formal learning, Informal learning, Competences certification 16/01/2013 Definition of general norms and essential levels of performance for the identification and validation of non-formal and informal learning and minimum service standards of the national system of certification of competencies National 02/03/2013 Italian
Decreto interministeriale del 30 giugno 2015 Interministerial Decree Training Italy Regional qualifications, Vocational training, Competences 30/06/2015 Definition of an operational framework for the recognition at national level of regional qualifications and related skills, within the National Directory of education and training titles and professional qualifications National 20/07/2015 Italian
Deliberazione della Giunta Regionale 6 giugno 2016, n. 48-3448 Regional resolution Training Italy Certification criteria, Attestation of competences 18/05/2021 Approval of the new criteria of the regional system of certification and attestation of the competences in professional training. Regional 06/06/2016 Italian
D.D. 1 luglio 2016, n. 420 Internal provisions Training Italy Skills certification, Practical rules 18/05/2021 Approval of the operational indications for the issue of certificates and new formats of certification of skills Regional 01/07/2016 Italian
D.D. 18 settembre 2017, n. 849 Consolidated text Training Italy Competences recognition, Competent authorities, Certification, Training 18/05/2021 Consolidated text of the Piedmont system for the certification of competencies certification of competences, recognition of credits and the figures in charge of the system Regional 18/09/2017 Italian
BGBl. Nr. 280/1980 National law Agro-forestry Austria Agricultural worker, forestry worker, service law, vocational training, apprenticeship, skilled worker, master craftsman 18/06/1980 Employment Law of Federal Agricultural and Forestry Workers. This Federal Act apply to federal agricultural and forestry workers, with the exception of those workers permanently employed in the administration of the gardens. National 01/01/2010 German
BGBl. II Nr. 275/2008 national law Agri business Austria Food safety, supervisory body, assessors, official veterinarians, public health officers 14/12/2019 Ordinance of the Federal Ministers of Health on the Training and Further Training of Supervisory Bodies and Experts in the Agency and in the Investigation Institutes of the federal states pursuant to the LMSVG National 01/07/2020 German
BGBl. Nr. 175/1966 national law Training Austria agricultural, educational, forestry, , landwirtschaftliche, Lehranstalt, forstwirtschaftliche, 14/06/1966 This Federal Act shall apply to the higher agricultural and forestry training institutions, including the pupils' hostels, which are exclusively or predominantly intended for pupils of these schools. National 16/03/2020 German
LGBl.Nr. 5/1999 regional law Training Austria Curriculum agricultural college, Lehrplan landwirtschaftliche Fachschule 11/07/1990 Provisions on the organisation and curricula for agricultural vocational and technical schools Regional 17/02/1999 German
LGBl. Nr. 76/2017 regional decree Training Austria Agricultural colleges, regulations, organisation, agriculture, fruit growing, viticulture, plant growing, vegetable growing 13/12/2017 Decree of 13 December 2017 enacting provisions on the organisation and curricula for agricultural colleges (Agricultural College Curricula Ordinance 2017). Regional 24/11/2021 German
BGBl. Nr. 461/1990 national law Training Austria Engineer, agriculture, agricultural and forestry training college, Ingenieur, Landwirtschaft, land- und forstwirtschaftliche Lehranstalt 31/08/2006 Federal Act on Engineers (Engineering Act 1990) National 01/01/2002 German
BGBl. I Nr. 10/2011 National law Agri business Austria Plant protection products, certificate of competence, placing on the market, Pflanzenschutzmittel, Sachkundenachweis, Inverkehrbringen 14/06/2011 Federal Act on the Marketing of Plant Protection Products (Plant Protection Products Act 2011) National 01/01/2020 German
BGBl. Nr. 440/1975 National law Agro-forestry Austria Forestry, Forest, Forestry, Sustainability, Forstwirtschaft, Wald, Forstwesen, Nachhaltigkeit 03/07/1975 Federal Act of 3 July 1975 regulating forestry (Forestry Act 1975). National 01/09/2017 German
Portaria n.º 782/2009 Governmental order Training Portugal Training, National Qualifications System 23/07/2009 Regulates the National Qualifications Framework and defines the descriptors for the national qualification levels’ characterisation. National 23/07/2009 Portuguese
Despacho n.º 978/2011 Decree Training Portugal Training, National Qualifications System 12/01/2011 National Qualifications Framework - Certificates and Diplomas. National 12/01/2011 Portuguese
Despacho n.º 13456/2008 Decree Training Portugal Training, National Qualifications System 14/05/2008 Approves the National Catalogue of Qualifications initial version. National 14/05/2008 Portuguese
Portaria n.º 781/2009 Governmental order Training Portugal Training, National Qualifications System 23/07/2009 Establishes the National Qualifications Catalogue (CNQ) structure and organisation, as well as the respective evolution model for qualifications based on competences. National 23/07/2009 Portuguese
Portaria n.º 256/2005 Governmental order Training Portugal Training, National Qualifications System 16/03/2005 Approves the National Classification of Education and Training Areas (CNAEF) update National 16/03/2005 Portuguese
BGBl. II Nr. 103/2008 national law Training Austria educational regulations, food technology yes 27/03/2008 Regulation of the Ministry of Employment and Industry for the vocational training in food engineering (food engineering training regulation) National 27/03/2008 German
Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 EU regulation Training EU food regulations 29/04/2004 Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 29 April 2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs European Union 29/04/2004 English
COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2021/382 EU regulation Entrepreneurship EU Waste management, Food regulations 03/03/2021 Commission Regulation (EU) 2021/382 of 3 March 2021 amending the Annexes to Regulation (EC) No 852/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the hygiene of foodstuffs as regards food allergen management, redistribution of food and food safety culture European Union 03/03/2021 English
IFS Food 7 international featured standard Training EU Food safety, Food traceability, Packaging 01/10/2020 Standard for assessing product and process compliance in relation to food safety and quality International 01/07/2021 English Part II (list of IFS Food Assessment requirements) - capter 3 (resource management) - p. 46 refers to training and instruction
IFS Global Markets - Food Version 2 international featured standard programm Training EU Food safety, Food traceability, Packaging 01/01/2017 The IFS Global Markets – Food is a standardized food safety assessment program for retailers as well as industry branded food products. International 01/01/2017 English Part II (List of IFS global markets - food assessment requirements) - A (food safety and quality system) - p. 44 refers to Training
BGBl. II Nr. 434/2009 national law Training Austria Animal welfare yes 14/12/2009 National law for the approval and the operation of animal health service in the scope of application of the law for controlling veterinary drugs aswell as rights and obligations for participating veterinarians and farmers National 14/12/2009 German
GZ BMBWF-15.590/0001-I/13a/2019 national law Training Austria digitalisation, agriculture yes 08/05/2019 transitional curriculum of the institution of higher education für agriculture and digitalisation National 08/05/2019 German
BGBl. II Nr. 269/2012 national law Training Austria adult education yes 14/08/2012 agreement according to article 15a of the federal constitutional law between the federal government and federal states about the acknowledgement of the quality framework for adult education Ö-Cert National 14/08/2012 German
Communication on on achieving the European Education Area by 2025 (COM(2020) 625 final) Communication Training EU Education, training 30/09/2020 The EC laid out proposals for new initiatives, more investment and stronger cooperation of Member States (MS) aimed at helping all Europeans, of all ages, to benefit from the Union’s rich education and training offer. The Communication was structured around 6 dimensions: (1) quality of education, (2) inclusion and gender equality, (3) green and... European Union 30/09/2020 English
Communication on the European Skills Agenda for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience (COM(2020) 274 final) Communication Training EU Education, training, VET 01/07/2020 The Commission aims to ensure that the right to training and lifelong learning becomes a reality all across Europe. The Agenda was structured following 5 building blocks and 12 major action points. The blocks are: 1) Working together under a Pact for Skills, 2) Skilling for a job: aligning policies to deliver results, 3) Developing tools that... European Union 01/07/2020 English
Recommendations on the establishment of the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning (2008/C 111/01) Recommendations Training EU Education, training, Qualifications, EQF 23/04/2008 The European Qualifications Framework (EQF) is a reference framework that helps communication and comparison between qualifications systems in Europe. Structured in 8 levels where 1 presents the lowest level of proficiency and 8 the highest, these reference levels are described in terms of learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and competences. This... European Union 23/04/2008 English
European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations EU Classification Training EU Classification, skills, competences, qualifications, occupations, ESCO 28/07/2017 ESCO describes, identifies and classifies professional occupations, skills, and qualifications relevant for the EU labour market and education and training. One of ESCO's main missions is to build stronger bridges between the world of education and training and the world of work, contributing to reducing skill mismatches and supporting the... European Union 28/07/2017 English
Recommendations on key competences for lifelong learning (2018/C 189/01) Recommendations Training EU competences, lifelong learning, education, training 22/05/2018 It provides a common European reference framework on key competences for policymakers, education and training providers, social partners and learners themselves. It also presents successful ways to promote competence development through innovative learning approaches, assessment methods and support for educational staff. It identifies eight key... European Union 22/05/2018 English
Recommendations on vocational education and training (VET) for sustainable competitiveness, social fairness and resilience (2020/C 417/01) Recommendations Training EU Education, training, VET 24/11/2020 The Recommendation defines key principles for ensuring that vocational education and training is agile in that it adapts swiftly to labour market needs and provides quality learning opportunities for young people and adults alike. It emphasises the need for increased flexibility of vocational education and training, reinforced opportunities for... European Union 24/11/2020 English
Recommendations on a European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships ((2018/C 153/01) Recommendations Training EU Education, training, Qualifications, Apprenticeships, VET 15/03/2018 The Recommendation identifies 14 key criteria that EU countries and stakeholders should use to develop high-quality and effective apprenticeships. European Union 15/03/2018 English
Recommendations on the establishment of a European Quality Assurance Reference Framework for Vocational Education and Training (2009/C 155/01) Recommendations Training EU Education, training, Quality Assurance, Reference Framework, VET, EQAVET 18/06/2009 EQAVET is a reference instrument aimed at helping EU countries to promote and direct the continuous improvement of their vocational training systems from common agreed references. In addition to contributing to improving quality, its purpose is to establish mutual trust between VET systems and facilitate the acceptance and recognition of the... European Union 18/06/2009 English
Recommendations on the establishment of a European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) (2009/C 155/02) Recommendations Training EU Education, training, Credit System, VET, ECVET 18/06/2009 The main purpose of this framework is to facilitate the transfer of learning credits from one qualification system to another being therefore linked to the mobility experience of learners. It offers a framework for making learners more mobile and qualifications more portable, laying down principles and technical specifications and making use of... European Union 18/06/2009 English
Communication on The European Green Deal (COM(2019) 640 final) Communication Sustainability EU Sustainability, Green Deal, Climate change, biodiversity, green transition 11/12/2019 The Deal aims to transform the EU into a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy. The European Green Deal provides an action plan to: 1) boost the efficient use of resources by moving to a clean, circular economy and 2) restore biodiversity and cut pollution. The plan outlines investments needed and financing tools available. It... European Union 11/12/2019 English
European Climate Law Regulation Sustainability EU Climate change, green transition 27/07/2021 The law aims to ensure that all EU policies contribute to this goal and that all sectors of the economy and society play their part. The Climate Law includes measures to keep track of progress and adjust our actions accordingly, based on existing systems such as the governance process for Member States’ national energy and climate plans, regular... European Union 27/07/2021 English The Council and the European Parliament reached a provisional political agreement on the proposal on 21 April 2021. Now that the European climate law has been adopted by both the European Parliament and the Council, it will be signed and published in the Official Journal, before entering into force.
Communication on A new Circular Economy Action Plan For a cleaner and more competitive Europe (COM(2020) 98 final) Communication Sustainability EU Sustainability, green transition, circular economy 11/03/2020 The new action plan announces initiatives along the entire life cycle of products. It targets how products are designed, promotes circular economy processes, encourages sustainable consumption, and aims to ensure that waste is prevented and the resources used are kept in the EU economy for as long as possible. It introduces legislative and non-... European Union 11/03/2020 English
Communication on EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 Bringing nature back into our lives Communication Sustainability EU biodiversity, climate change 20/05/2020 The biodiversity strategy aims to put Europe’s biodiversity on the path to recovery by 2030 for the benefit of people, climate and the planet. In the post-COVID-19 context, the strategy aims to build our societies’ resilience to future threats such as: the impacts of climate change, forest fires, food insecurity and disease outbreaks - including... European Union 20/05/2020 English
General Food Law (178/2002) Regulation Agri business EU foo regulations, food safety 28/01/2002 Regulation laying down the general principles and requirements of food law, establishing the European Food Safety Authority and laying down procedures in matters of food safety. The General Food Law Regulation is the foundation of food and feed law. It sets out an overarching and coherent framework for the development of food and feed legislation... European Union 28/01/2002 English This act has been changed. Current consolidated version is from 26/05/2021.
Communication on A Farm to Fork Strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system (COM/2020/381 final) Communication Agri business EU agriculture, food, climate change, biodiversity, organic farming 20/05/2020 The strategy aims to 1) Make sure Europeans have access to healthy, affordable and sustainable food, 2) Tackle climate change, 3) Protect the environment and preserve biodiversity, 4) Ensure a fair economic return in the supply chain and 5) Increase organic farming. European Union 20/05/2020 English
EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices EU Guidelines Agri business EU food, food business, food marketing, sustainability 05/07/2021 The EU Code of Conduct on Responsible Food Business and Marketing Practices brings food processors, food service operators and retailers together for voluntary commitment to undertake sustainability performance towards the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy. It includes a section on ‘quality jobs’ which tackles the improvement of the available skills and... European Union 05/07/2021 English
Pact for Skills EU Flagship action Training EU skills, upskilling, reskilling, VET, education, training 10/11/2020 The ‘Pact for Skills’ is a flagship action of the European Commission to engage public and private organisations to join forces and take concrete action to upskill and reskill people in Europe. Key principles of the Charter: 1) Promoting a culture of lifelong learning for all, 2) Building strong skills partnerships, 3) Monitoring skills supply/... European Union 10/11/2020 English Of particular attention is the ‘Pact for Skills’ dedicated to the agri-food sector, where the EU representative organisations Copa-Cogeca (Farmers and Cooperatives) and FoodDrinkEurope (Food industry) have been invited to lead this partnership. This is an ongoing action for the years to come.
Communication on New EU Forest Strategy for 2030 (COM(2021) 572 final) Communication Agro-forestry EU forest, climate change, biodiversity 16/07/2021 Forests and the forest-based sector is an essential part of Europe’s transition to a modern, climate neutral, resource-efficient and competitive economy This new strategy aims at ensuring this through: support of the socio-economic functions of forests for thriving rural areas and boosting forest-based bio-economy - and incl developing skills and... European Union 16/07/2021 English The first strategy dates from 18/11/1998.
Agenda 2030 of the European Forest-Based Sector Voluntary international agreement Agro-forestry EU climate change, forest management, biodiversity, green transition, digital transition 01/05/2020 The Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) was set up in 2005 to define a vision for the future of the sector and identify priority areas for innovation and research. It was established as an industry-led initiative encouraged by the European Commission to define research objectives and roadmaps for delivering agreed goals. Together, the... European Union 01/05/2020 English
Communication on Stepping up EU Action to Protect and Restore the World’s Forests (COM(2019) 352 final) Communication Agro-forestry EU forest, climate change, biodiversity, forest management 23/07/2019 The Communication has the objective of protecting and improving the health of existing forests, especially primary forests, and significantly increasing sustainable, biodiverse forest coverage worldwide. It sets out five priorities: 1) Reduce the footprint of EU consumption on land and encourage the consumption of products from deforestation-free... European Union 23/07/2019 English
Common Agricultural Policy Treaty Agri business EU CAP, agriculture, TFEU 23/12/2020 Launched in 1962, the CAP is a partnership between agriculture and society, and between Europe and its farmers. It aims to: 1) support farmers and improve agricultural productivity, ensuring a stable supply of affordable food; 2) safeguard European Union farmers to make a reasonable living; 3) help tackle climate change and the sustainable... European Union 23/12/2020 English For the years 2021-22, a transitional regulation (Regulation (EU) 2020/2220) is in force. The regulation lays down conditions for the provision of support from the EAGF and EAFRD during these years, extending and amending provisions set out in the preceding regulations. It will remain in force until the new framework of CAP strategic plans is implemented (due to begin on 1 January 2023).
Communication on the Digital Education Action Plan (COM(2020) 624 final) Communication Digitalization EU digital transition, education, training, DEAP 30/09/2020 The Commission laid out its vision for high-quality, inclusive and accessible digital education in Europe covering the period of 2021-2027. The DEAP has 2 main strategic priorities (1) fostering the development of a high performing digital education ecosystem, and (2) enhancing digital skills and competences for the digital transformation. It then... European Union 30/09/2020 English
Declaration of cooperation on A smart and sustainable digital future for European agriculture and rural areas Voluntary international agreement Digitalization EU agriculture, sustainability, digital transition, green transition, 05/04/2019 26 European countries signed the Declaration to take a number of actions to support a successful digitalisation of agriculture and rural areas in Europe. It recognises the potential of digital technologies to help tackle important and urgent economic, social, climate and environmental challenges facing the EU's agri-food sector and rural... European Union 05/04/2019 English
Communication on Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe (COM(2012) 60 final) Communication Bioeconomy EU bioeconomy, sustainability, climate change, green transition, biodiversity 13/02/2012 This strategy proposes a comprehensive approach to address the ecological, environmental, energy, food supply and natural resource challenges that Europe and indeed the world are facing already today. The strategy is not a new piece of legislation. Rather it aims to focus Europe's common efforts in the right direction in this diverse and fast... European Union 13/02/2012 English
The European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework EU Framework Soft-skill EU EntreComp, entrepreneurship, competences, education, training 01/06/2016 EntreComp offers a comprehensive description of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that people need to be entrepreneurial and create financial, cultural or social value for others. EntreComp is a common reference framework that identifies 15 competences in three key areas that describe what it means to be entrepreneurial. European Union 01/06/2016 English
The Digital Competence Framework 2.0 EU Framework Digitalization EU DigComp, digitalization, digital transition, skills, competences 01/06/2016 The European Digital Competence Framework for Citizens, also known as DigComp, offers a tool to improve citizens’ digital competence. DigComp was first published in 2013 and has become a reference for many digital competence initiatives at both European and Member State levels. This document introduces DigComp 2.0. It constitutes phase 1 of the... European Union 01/06/2016 English
LAW 11/2021 on the recovery of agricultural land in Galicia Regional regulation Sustainability Spain Land management, farm management 21/05/2021 The purpose of this law is to recover Galicia's agricultural land for agricultural, livestock and forestry use, without limiting itself to stating these values in generic terms, but rather they form a fundamental part of the measures and proposals contained in its articles. Thus, support for agricultural activity and the income of family... Regional 22/05/2021 Spanish
LAW n° 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 for the freedom to choose one's professional future National regulation Training France Regulation, training framework, training tools, training actors, professional training 29/07/2021 The purpose of the law is to reform the system of initial (apprenticeship) and continuing vocational training as well as the functioning of unemployment insurance. The law reforms the personal training account (CPF), which will no longer be funded in hours, but in euros. The account will be credited with 500 euros per year for full-time... National 05/09/2018 French
The Law for a Digital Republic National regulation Digitalization France Digitalization, innovation & development of the digital economy, digital opportunities 07/10/2016 The Law for a Digital Republic was enacted on 7 October 2016. It prepares the country for the challenges of the digital transition and the economy of tomorrow. It promotes innovation and the development of the digital economy, an open, reliable digital society and the protection of citizens' rights. It also aims to guarantee access for all,... National 07/10/2016 French
The PACTE law: for the growth and transformation of companies National regulation Entrepreneurship France Growth of businesses, development, environmental & social issues 22/05/2019 The action plan for the growth and transformation of businesses (PACTE) aims to remove obstacles to the growth of businesses at all stages of their development: from their creation to their transfer, including their financing. The PACTE law also aims to better share the value created by companies with employees. It also allows companies to better... National 22/05/2019 French
Bioeconomy Strategy National Strategy Bioeconomy France Bioeconomy, development of bioeconomy, sustainable development 18/01/2017 In order to support the development of the bioeconomy, France has adopted a strategy, presented to the Council of Ministers on 18 January 2017. It is the result of work carried out by the ministries in charge of agriculture, the environment, the economy and research, as well as contributions from all stakeholders (upstream and downstream economic... National 18/01/2017 French
Law No. 2018-938 of 30 October 2018 for balanced trade relations in the agricultural and food sector and healthy, sustainable food accessible to all (EGALIM) National regulation Agri business France food waste, sustainable consumption, food traceability, food regulation, logistics 30/10/2018 The law of 30 October 2018 for balanced commercial relations in the agricultural and food sector and healthy, sustainable food accessible to all, commonly referred to as the "Food Law" or even the "EGalim Law", is a French law resulting from the "États généraux de l'alimentation" (General Assembly on Food)... National 30/10/2018 French
The anti-waste law for a circular economy National regulation Sustainability France Sustainability, food regulation, food waste reduction, circular economy, recyclability, plastic, 10/02/2020 The anti-waste law for a circular economy aims to accelerate the change of production and consumption model in order to limit waste and preserve natural resources, biodiversity and the climate. Transforming our system in depth: this is the objective of the anti-waste law for a circular economy, whose 130 articles make it possible to fight... National 01/01/2021 French
LAW n° 2015-990 of 6 August 2015 for growth, activity and equal economic opportunities Three targets are set by the first "3R" decree: National regulation Business as usual France Business, growth, working conditions 10/12/2014 Law No. 2015-990 of 6 August 2015 for growth, activity and equal economic opportunities, known as the "Macron Law", is a French law carried on behalf of the Manuel Valls II government by Emmanuel Macron, then Minister for the Economy. Mentioned to the press and at the Council of Ministers on 15 October 2014, the bill was presented to... National 11/07/2015 French
LAW No. 2014-1170 of 13 October 2014 on the future of agriculture, food and forestry National regulation Agri business France Agri-food sector, forestry, future, alimentation, sustainability 13/10/2014 French agriculture and the agri-food and forestry sectors are levers for meeting the challenge of economic, social and environmental competitiveness. The law on the future of 13 October 2014 allows for the concrete implementation of agro-ecology with the aim of achieving economic, environmental and social performance on French farms. The law... National 13/10/2014 French
Law 45/2007 for the sustainable development of the rural environment National law Sustainability Spain Farming, employment, food regulations, energy consumption 14/12/2007 The purpose of this Law is to regulate and establish measures to promote the sustainable development of the rural environment insofar as they represent basic conditions that guarantee the equality of all citizens in the exercise of certain constitutional rights and insofar as they have the character of bases for the general organisation of... National 03/01/2008 Spanish Subjects: Economic activities Agriculture Agricultural producer associations Fuels and combustibles Interministerial committees Regional development Employment Electricity Agricultural holdings Food production Regional development programmes Tourism
Royal Decree 285/2021 on conditions for storage, placing on the market, import or export, official control and authorisation of tests with phytosanitary products Decree-law Bioeconomy Spain Fertilizers, biodiversity, logistics, climate change, marketing 10/05/2021 The purpose of this Royal Decree is to establish the basic conditions for the placing on the market, import, export and use of plant protection products. National 30/07/2021 Spanish
Order APA/511/2019 establishing the regulatory bases for the awarding of practical training grants for university graduates in different areas of the Ministry of Agriculture. National regulation Training Spain Food traceability, Rural development, innovation, forestry policy 08/05/2019 The purpose of this order is to establish the regulatory bases for the granting of practical training scholarships for university graduates to carry out practical activities in areas of knowledge related to the primary sector. National 09/05/2019 Spanish
Order ECD/1633/2014 establishing the curriculum of seven basic vocational training cycles in the area of management of the Ministry of Education National regulation Training Spain VET Training, food industry, Technology 13/09/2014 The purpose of this order is to establish the curriculum of training cycles by which seven Basic Vocational Training qualifications are established from the catalogue of Vocational Training qualifications. National 14/09/2014 Spanish
RESOLUTION establishing the regulatory bases for the granting of aid to support pilot projects, development of new products, practices, processes and technologies in the agroforestry sector Regional regulation Agro-forestry Spain forestry innovation, pilot project, training, sustainability, biodiversity, circular economy 18/02/2021 The purpose of this resolution is to approve the bases governing the granting of subsidies for the implementation of cooperation actions for the implementation of pilot projects, development of new products, practices, processes and technologies in the agri-food, agricultural and forestry sectors, and to call for these aids, under a regime of... Regional 03/02/2021 Spanish
Νόμος 4069/2012 - ΦΕΚ 81/Α/10-4-2012 Legislative Decree Sustainability Greece Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development 04/04/2012 Ratification of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change of the Hellenic Republic and the Ministry of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment of the Republic of Cyprus in the Field of Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development National 04/04/2012 Greek
Νόμος 4685/2020 - ΦΕΚ Α 92/7-5-2020 Legislative Decree Sustainability Greece Modernization of environmental legislation, sustainable development 07/05/2020 Modernization of national environmental legislation in order to simplify the approval of an environmental licensing National 07/05/2020 Greek
Νόμος 4348 ΦΕΚ A’ 156/26.11.2015 Legislative Decree Sustainability Greece Sustainable Development 26/11/2015 Τransposition of European provisions into national law in order, inter alia, to achieve sustainable development National 26/11/2015 Greek
Νόμος 4447/2016 - ΦΕΚ 241/Α/23-12-2016 Legislative Decree Sustainability Greece Sustainable development 23/12/2016 Determines the scope of Sustainable development regarding the protection of the natural and cultural environment, biodiversity, the landscape and the sustainable use of natural resources. National 23/12/2016 Greek
Νόμος 4277/2014 - ΦΕΚ Α' 156/1.8.2014 Legislative Decree Sustainability Greece Sustainable development, protection of the environment, adaptation to climate change 01/08/2014 Master Plan for sustainable spatial development, resource savings, effective protection of the environment and cultural heritage and adaptation to climate change National 01/08/2014 Greek
Υπ. Απόφαση 170195/758/2018 - ΦΕΚ Β 5351/28.11.2018 Ministerial Decision Agro-forestry Greece National Forest Strategy 28/11/2018 The Forestry Strategic Development Plan is defined, which describes the principles and directions of the forest policy for the period 2018-2038, defines specific objectives of this policy, as well as the necessary resources and the means of its implementation. National 28/11/2018 Greek
ForstWiAusbV 1998 national regulation Agro-forestry Germany VET, forestry, education, integrated pest management, climate change, renewable energy 23/01/1998 This national regulation deals with the training of forestry workers. It sets the legal framework for their three year training and which skills they shall be capable of in the end as well as required exams. National 23/01/1998 German
Υπ. Απόφαση 1014/2021 - ΦΕΚ Β 1298/02.04.2021 Ministerial Decision Training Greece Knowledge Transmission Actions 02/04/2021 Framework for the implementation of the Training and Skills Development Action for young farmers and small farms National 02/04/2021 Greek
Προεδρικό Διάταγμα υπ’ αριθμ. 18, ΦΕΚ A’ 31/23.02.2018 Ministerial Decision Training Greece education programs, sustainability education 23/02/2018 Describes support programs for education programs and sustainability education National 23/02/2018 Greek
LwAusbV 1995 national regulation Agri business Germany farming, animal welfare, drone, climate change, bioenergy 31/01/1995 This national regulation deals with the training of agri business workers. It sets the legal framework for their three year training and which skills they shall be capable of in the end as well as required exams. National 31/01/1995 German
Υπ. Απόφαση 77877/Δ7/2019 - ΦΕΚ Β 1752/17.05.2019 Presidential Decree Training Greece Training Centers for Sustainability 17/05/2019 Description of the mission of the Training Centers for Sustainability and regulation of other issues. National 17/05/2019 Greek
Νόμος 4547 ΦΕΚ A’ 102/12.06.2018 Legislative Decree Training Greece Sustainability Training Centers 12/06/2018 Reorganization of the support structures of primary and secondary education and other provisions. National 12/06/2018 Greek
ΠΡΟΕΔΡΙΚΟ ΔΙΑΤΑΓΜΑ ΥΠ’ ΑΡΙΘΜ. 25 ΦΕΚ Α΄ 44/25.2.2014 Ministerial Decision Digitalization Greece Digitization of documents 25/02/2014 Information on the e-Government Services Framework National 25/02/2014 Greek
ΠΡΟΕΔΡΙΚΟ ΔΙΑΤΑΓΜΑ ΥΠ’ ΑΡΙΘΜ. 40 ΦΕΚ Α 85/15.4.2020 Presidential Decree Digitalization Greece digital transformation 15/04/2020 Ιnformation on the mission and structure of a Digital Government Ministry National 15/04/2020 Greek
TiermedFAngAusbV national regulation Training Germany VET, education 22/08/2005 Ordinance on Vocational Training as a Veterinary Medical Assistant (VME) National 22/08/2005 German
DüV national regulation Agro-forestry Germany farming, fertilizer, best practice 26/05/2017 Ordinance on the Application of Fertilizers, Soil Additives, Cultivation Substrates and Plant Auxiliaries in Accordance with the Principles of Good Fertilizing Practice National 26/05/2017 German
PflSchSachkV national regulation Agro-forestry Germany Plant protection products, certificate of competence, placing on the market 27/06/2013 Plant Protection Expertise Ordinance National 27/06/2013 German
LKonV national regulation Agri business Germany Food safety, supervisory body, assessors, official veterinarians, public health officers 17/08/2001 Ordinance on the professional requirements of the Foodstuffs and Feedstuffs Code for food inspectors working in the field of supervision National 17/08/2001 German
Real Decreto Legislativo 1/2001 Royal Legislative Decree Sustainability Spain Water, regulations, water domain, water uses, river basin 24/07/2001 The object of this Law is the regulation of the public water domain, the use of water and the exercise of the powers attributed to the State in matters related to domain within the framework of the powers delimited in the Spanish Constitution National 25/07/2001 Spanish
Real Decreto 1620/2007 Royal Decree Sustainability Spain water reuse, quality limits 08/12/2007 The purpose of this decree is to establish the legal framework for the reuse of reclaimed water, in accordance with article 109.1 of the Water Law, approved by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2001 National 09/12/2007 Spanish
Directive 2000/60/EC Directive Sustainability EU water policy, environment, 23/10/2000 The purpose of this Directive is to establish a framework for the protection of inland surface waters, transitional waters, coastal waters and groundwater which: (a) prevents further deterioration and protects and enhances the status of aquatic ecosystems and, with regard to their water needs, terrestrial ecosystems and wetlands directly... European Union 22/12/2000 English
Directive 2006/118/EC Directive Sustainability EU groundwater, water pollution 12/12/2006 This Directive establishes specific measures as provided for in Article 17(1) and (2) of Directive 2000/60/EC in order to prevent and control groundwater pollution. These measures include in particular: (a) criteria for the assessment of good groundwater chemical status; and (b) criteria for the identification and reversal of significant and... European Union 27/12/2006 English
Education and Training Boards Bill 2012 Legal Act Training Ireland Education, Training 08/05/2013 To provide for the better coordination and delivery of education and training, and, for that purpose to provide for the establishment of bodies to be known as education and training boards National 08/05/2013 English
EDUCATION ACT, 1998 Legal Act Training Ireland Education, Training 23/12/1998 The Education Act of 1998 ensures formal provision for the education “of every person in the State, including any person with a disability or who has other special educational needs”. The Act governs "primary, post-primary, adult and continuing education and vocational education and training" National 23/12/1998 English
EDUCATION AND TRAINING BOARDS ACT 2013 Legal Act Training Ireland Education & Training 05/05/2013 To provide for the better coordination and delivery of education and training, and, for that purpose to provide for the establishment of bodies to be known as education and training boards National 04/04/2019 Estonian
Further Education and Training Bill 2013 Legal Act Training Ireland Further Education & Training 21/04/2013 Establishes a body to be called An tSeirbhís Oideachais Leanúnaigh Agus Scileanna (SOLAS), Ireland's Further Education and Training Authority National 10/07/2013 English
NATIONAL TRAINING FUND ACT 2000 Legal Act Training Ireland National Training, Skills, Funding 04/07/2000 An Act to provide for the imposition of a levy on employers, to be known as the National Training Fund Levy, to be used to give skills to, or rais skills amongst thiose in or seeking employment National 20/12/2000 English
THE PARIS AGREEMENT Treaty Sustainability EU Sustainability, Climate Action 01/01/2016 The agreement aims to substantially reduce global greenhouse gas emissions in an effort to limit the global temperature increase in this century to 2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels, while pursuing the means to limit the increase to 1.5 degrees. European Union 04/11/2016 English
CLIMATE ACTION AND LOW CARBON DEVELOPMENT ACT 2015 Legal Act Sustainability Ireland Sustainability, Climate Action 12/08/2015 The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act provides for the approval of plans by the Government in relation to climate change for the purpose of pursuing the transition to a low carbon, climate resilient and environmentally sustainable economy National 10/12/2015 English
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY ACT, 1992 Legal Act Sustainability Ireland Environment, Sustainability 02/02/1991 To protect communities and the environment, the EPA works to enforce laws such as the Clean Air Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, the National Environmental Education Act, and the Clean Water Act, some of which predate the formation of the agency itself. National 23/04/1992 English
PROTECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT ACT 2003 Legal Act Sustainability Ireland Environment, Sustainability 01/02/2003 The Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 authorizes the central government to protect and improve environmental quality, control and reduce pollution from all sources, and prohibit or restrict the setting and /or operation of any industrial facility on environmental grounds. National 14/07/2003 English This act was originally enacted by the Irish Government in 1986 but the latest update refers to 2003 Act. It is written within the 2003 act that the enactment of the legislation by government was 1986. See link:
ENVIRONMENT (MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS) ACT 2011 Legal Act Sustainability Ireland Environment, Sustainability 02/02/2011 An Act to amend and extend the Air Pollution Act 1987; the Waste Management Act 1996; and the Freedom of Information Act 1997; and to provide for related matters National 02/08/2011 English
Agricultural Code of Practice Legal Act Bioeconomy Ireland Agriculture, Bioeconomy, Agri-Business 01/04/2005 This programme is for managing health and safety. It is aimed at protecting farmers and others who live on, work on, or visit the farm from accidents, injury and ill-health. National 23/12/2005 English
SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELFARE AT WORK ACT 2005 Legal Act Agri business Ireland Work, Welfare, Agriculture, Safety 01/01/2005 The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 was brought in to make further provision for the safety, health and welfare of persons at work. This Act clarifies and enhances the responsibilities of employer‘s, the self-employed, employees and various other parties in relation to safety and health at work. National 23/12/2005 English
DATA PROTECTION ACT 2018 revised updated to 31 July 2023 Legal Act Digitalization Ireland Data Protection 27/03/2018 The Data Protection Acts 1988-2018 are designed to protect people's privacy. The legislation confers rights on individuals in relation to the privacy of their personal data as well as responsibilities on those persons holding and processing such data. National 24/05/2018 English
Wet educatie en beroepsonderwijs National law Training Netherlands National law, education, VET 01/08/2021 With a view to the creation of a national qualification structure for vocational education, the desired improvement of the connection between education and the labor market, the desired improvement of the coordination between vocational education and education, and for a coherent decision-making in the field of education, the allocation of powers... National 15/08/2021 Dutch
Wet educatie hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek National law Training Netherlands National law, education, higher education, research 03/07/2021 With a view to strengthening the quality, innovative capacity and social orientation of the system of higher education and scientific research, it is important to increase the autonomy of the institutions and, to this end, to review the allocation of powers between central government and the institutions concerned. In addition, it is desirable... National 15/08/2021 Dutch
RAZISKOVALNA IN INOVACIJSKA STRATEGIJA SLOVENIJE RISS 2021 – 2030 legal act in preparation Sustainability Slovenia SLOVENIA 'S RESEARCH AND INNOVATION STRATEGY 05/07/2021 The mission of research and innovation activities is to systematically develop new knowledge and its use for sustainable development, improving the quality of life and the well-being of all. By 2030, Slovenia will develop into a successful knowledge-based and innovation-based society and is ranked in the top ten countries on the scale of the... National 31/12/2021 Slovenian
DIGITALNA SLOVENIJA 2020 – STRATEGIJA RAZVOJA INFORMACIJSKE DRUŽBE DO LETA 2020 STRATEGY Digitalization Slovenia Technology, Logistics, E-commerce, E-marketing, Food Traceability 01/01/2018 Slovenia adopts the DIGITAL SLOVENIA 2020 - Development strategy for the information society until 2020 as well as associated strategic documents Cyber Security Strategy and Plan for Developing NextGeneration Networks by 2020. DIGITAL SLOVENIA 2020 - Development strategy for the information society until 2020 is an umbrella strategy determining... National 01/01/2018 English More info on digitalisation in Slovenia:
National energy and climate plan (CELOVITI NACIONALNI ENERGETSKI IN PODNEBNI NAČRT REPUBLIKE SLOVENIJE) STRATEGY Sustainability Slovenia Climate Change 27/02/2020 The National energy and climate plan is a strategic document that must set goals, policies and actions up to 2030 (with an outlook to the year 2040) for the five dimensions of the Energy Union: 1. decarbonisation (greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and renewable energy sources (RES)), 2. energy efficiency, 3. energy security, 4. the internal... National 27/02/2020 English National energy and climate plan was published on the 27 February 2020, based on the framework of the Slovenian Development Strategy 2030 published in December 2017.
Slovenia's recovery and resilience plan investment opportunities Sustainability Slovenia recovery, resilience 28/04/2021 The European Commission has today adopted a positive assessment of Slovenia's recovery and resilience plan, a key step paving the way for the EU to disburse €1.8 billion in grants and €705 million in loans under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF). This financing will support the implementation of the crucial investment and reform... National 01/07/2021 Slovenian
list of regulation on education legal acts Training Slovenia education laws 03/09/2021 List of the regulation relavent for education in Slovenia. National 03/09/2021 Slovenian
Resolution: Our food, rural areas and natural resources after 2021 legal act Bioeconomy Slovenia bioeconomy 07/02/2020 Resolution on the National Program on Strategic Directions for the Development of Slovenian Agriculture and Food "Our Food, Rural and Natural Resources from 2021" National 07/02/2020 English
COM(2013)659 final Communication Agro-forestry EU Forest strategy, climate policy, energy efficiency, education and skills 20/09/2013 The Communication underlines that the industry has to address a number of challenges to remain competitive: 1) Stimulating growth for forest-based products in EU and non-EU markets, 2) Resource and energy efficiency, 3) Raw materials, 4) Better logistics are needed for raw material supply and product delivery, 5) Structural adaptation, 6)... European Union 20/09/2013 English no legislation but a communication - so no entry info force date (it is a mandatory fields so we repeated the date of publication)
Resolução do Conselho de Ministros 190-A/2017 National law Bioeconomy Portugal Waste management, Bioenergy, Packaging, Circular Economy 11/12/2017 Approves the National Action Plan for Circular Economy. Includes actions dedicated to professionals' training (action 3), food waste (action 4), training in the agriculture sector for water efficiency (action 6) and promotion with innovation, including development of skills on circular economy (action 7). National 12/10/2017 Portuguese
Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n.º 86/2020 National law Agro-forestry Portugal Climate Change, Digitalization 13/10/2020 Aproves the National Innovation Agenda for Agriculture 2020 -2030, including some actions that envolve training of professionals p.e. on digitalization and innovation on agriculture National 13/10/2020 Portuguese
Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n.º 132/2021 National law Sustainability Portugal Climate Change, Food Traceability, Food regulations 13/09/2021 Approves the National Strategy of Nutritional and Food Safety as an integrated action referencial for a healthy and sustainable food system. This strategy is interlinked with many other diplomas such as the National Action Plan on Circular Economy. National 14/09/2021 Portuguese
Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n.º 53/2020 National law Sustainability Portugal Climate Change, Renewable Energy, Energy Consumption 10/07/2020 Approves the National Energy and Climate Plan 2030. It includes actions for training on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Biofuels (Actions 2.5, 3.8), Climate Change (Action 8.3.1) Sustainable Production and Consumption (Action 8.3.4) National 07/10/2021 Portuguese
Plano de Recuperação e Resiliência - Portugal Plan Bioeconomy Portugal Climate Change, Digitalization, BioEconomy, Forestry 22/04/2021 Resilience and Recovery Plan for Portugal. It has contemplated measures on Bioeconomy, Forestry and Digitalization, including on Training in these areas National 07/10/2021 Portuguese Does not have a concrete date to entry into force - it has been approved and is being implemented (date october 2021)
Decreto-Lei n.º 119/2019 Decree law Sustainability Portugal Waste management, Water, Irrigation 21/08/2019 Establishes the juridical regime for water production for reuse purposes, from the treatment of waste water as well as its adequate use National 22/08/2019 Portuguese
Portaria n.º 179/2021 Legal act Digitalization Portugal Technology; Digitalization 27/08/2021 Creates the Programme «Certificate of Digital Skills», for the acquisition and skills certifications on digitalization and technology. National 30/08/2021 Portuguese
Lei n.º 26/2013 Law Sustainability Portugal Plant Protection Products 11/04/2013 Regulates the activities of distribution, sale and application of plant protection products for professional use and of plant protection product adjuvants and defines the procedures for monitoring the use of plant protection products, transposing Directive No. 2009/128/EC, of ​​the European Parliament and of the Council, of October 21st,... National 16/04/2013 Portuguese revokes Law No. 10/93, of April 6, and Decree-Law No. 173/2005, of October 21 and is complemented by Decree-Law No. 35/2017 of March 24 and Decree-Law No. 169/2019 of November 29
 Decreto-Lei n.º 235/97 Decree law Sustainability Portugal Nitrates, Fertilizers 03/09/1997 The "Nitrates" Directive related to protection of waters against pollution caused by nitrates from agricultural sources, also known as the "Nitrates Directive", is one of the instruments of the European Union Policy for the protection of water, as an essential natural resource for sustainable development and was transposed to... National 04/09/1997 Portuguese amended by Decree-Law No. 68/99, of 11 March and in the Autonomous Region of the Azores by Regional Legislative Decree No. 6/2005/A, of 17 May.
Law 18 august 2015, n. 141 National law Training Italy Social farming, Education, Training, Occupation 18/08/2015 Promotion of the social farming aimed at the development of educational and working integration services, in order to facilitate adequate and uniform access, in particular in rural and disadvantaged areas National 23/09/2015 Italian
D.L. 19 may 2020, n. 34 Law decree Sustainability Italy Sustainability, agricultural production, wine production chain 19/05/2020 Provisions on the institution of a certification system related to wine production sustainability through a specific production specification and an additional monitoring system National 19/05/2020 Italian
L.R. 9 april 2015, n. 12 Regional law Training Italy Innovation, modernization, training 09/04/2015 Provisions on organizational and technological innovations safeguarding the environment and protecting the health of farmers and consumers furthermore promoting training Regional 30/04/2015 Italian
L.P. 28 march 2003, n. 4 Provincial law Agri business Italy Occupation, sustainability, innovation 28/03/2003 The purposes concern the promotion of the sustainable agriculture, valorization of the rural areas, dissemination of innovative services, promotion of youth and family entrepreneurship and improvement of farmer condition Regional 30/04/2003 Italian
L.R. 4 december 2019, n. 24 Regional law Sustainability Italy Farm products, processing 04/12/2019 Provisions on valorization of different agricultural production systems, facilitate the knowledge of sustainable agricultural production and promote training Regional 06/12/2019 Italian
L.R. 14 august 2019, n. 18 Regional law Training Italy Training, occupation 14/08/2019 Promotion and recognition of multifunctional centers aimed at providing services for the social inclusion in the agricultural sector and growth of agricultural communities Regional 17/08/2019 Italian
L.R. 14 november 2011, n. 21 Regional law Agri business Italy Farm management 14/11/2011 Provisions on protection, requalification and enhancement of the unique resources of each territory, maintenance of human activity in rural areas, protection of the soil and promotion of the agricultural differentiation Regional 09/12/2011 Italian
L.R. 12 July 2019, n. 11 Regional law Sustainability Italy Sustainability, biodiversity, occupation 12/07/2019 The object concerns the conservation of the agricultural and natural biodiversity, the reduction of the environmental impact and the promotion of ecofriendly agricultural production Regional 17/07/2019 Italian
L.R. 5 december 2008, n. 31 Regional law Agri business Italy Innovation, sustainability 05/12/2008 The purpose concern the promotion of technological progress and ensure rational and sustainable use of the means of production and maintaining an adequate level of profitability Regional 24/12/2008 Italian
Law 19 august 2016, n. 166 National law Bioeconomy Italy Food waste 19/08/2016 Provisions on reduction of waste for each of the stages of production, tranformation, distribution and administration of food, pharmaceuthical and other products through the achievement of the recovery and donation of surplus food National 14/09/2016 Italian
D.L.25 may 2021, n. 73 Law decree Sustainability Italy Agritech, sustainability 25/05/2021 Provisions on economic support related to agricultural production with reduced environmental impact, measures for the development of young agricultural entrepreneurship and the expansion of agri-tech solutions Updated in July 2021 National 26/05/2021 Italian
D.L. 6 november 2021, n. 152 Law decree Sustainability Italy Innovation, sustainability, bioeconomy 06/11/2021 Provisions on the introduction of a specific fund for the implementation of the objectives set out in the national recovery and resilience plan National 07/11/2021 Italian
Law 1 december 2015, n. 194 National law Sustainability Italy Biodiversity 01/12/2015 The main purpose of this framework is to identify the principles for the establishment of a national system of biodiversity protection, aimed at protecting the genetic resources of local food National 26/12/2015 Italian
Law 4 november 2016, n. 204 National law Sustainability Italy Climate change 04/11/2016 Ratification and execution of the Paris Agreement linked to the United Nations framwork convention on climate chanege adopted in Paris National 11/11/2016 Italian
Dlgs 3 march 2011, n. 28 Legislative decree Bioeconomy Italy Sustainable development, training 03/03/2011 Provisions related to the promotion of the use of energy from renewable resources National 29/03/2011 Italian
Law 28 december 2015, n. 221 National law Bioeconomy Italy Bioeconomy, sustainable development, green economy 28/12/2015 Provisions related to the protection of nature and for the strategy of sustainable development National 02/02/2016 Italian
Lei n.º 33/96 National law Agro-forestry Portugal Sustainable Developmpent; Forestry; Biodiversity 17/08/1996 National Forest Policy Framework, being the key for the development and strenghtening of institutions and programmes for management, conservation and sustainable development of forests and associated natural systems; it intends to satisfy the community needs Updated July 2023: National 17/08/1996 Portuguese
Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n.º 6-B/2015 National law Agro-forestry Portugal Sustainable Developmpent; Forestry; Biodiversity 04/02/2015 Approves the National Strategy for Forests, that constitutes the first upgrade of the approved Strategy (Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n.º 114/2006, 15th september) National 04/02/2015 Portuguese
Decreto-Lei n.º 11/2019 National law Agro-forestry Portugal Sustainable Developmpent; Forestry; Biodiversity 21/01/2019 4th modification to the Decree Law n.º 16/2009; approves the legal framework for forestry planning, management and intervention - The Regional Forestry Plans have regional application and the other plans can have application to the region or defined site National 22/01/2019 Portuguese
Resolução do Conselho de Ministros n.º 28/2014 National Law Agro-forestry Portugal Sustainable Developmpent; Forestry; Biodiversity 01/04/2014 Approves the Operational Programme of Forestry Sanity National 18/04/2014 Portuguese
Decreto-Lei n.º 32/2020 National law Agro-forestry Portugal Sustainable Developmpent; Forestry; Biodiversity 01/07/2020 Third modification to the Decree-Law n.º 96/2013, 19th july; Establishes the legal framework in the mainland for the afforestation and reforestation actions using forest species National 31/12/2020 Portuguese
Lei n.º 76/2017 National law Agro-forestry Portugal Sustainable Developmpent; Forestry; Biodiversity 17/08/2017 Fifth modification to the Decree-Law 124/2006, on the National Forest Fire Defense System National 18/08/2017 Portuguese
Decreto-Lei n.º 13/2019 National law Agro-forestry Portugal Sustainable Developmpent; Forestry; Biodiversity 21/01/2019 First modification to the Decree-Law n.º 205/2003, 12th september; establishes the general rules applicable to the production and sale of forest reproductive materials (FRM) used National 20/02/2019 Portuguese
ISO 21.001 international norm Training Austria training certification, personnel certification yes 16/12/2022 ISO 21001 is considered an international quality standard for any type of educational institution (including formal educational institutions). The focus is on clear educational processes as well as customer and process orientation, with the focus on the competence of the learning service. International 01/01/2018 English french law Sustainability France Anti - waste 05/01/2023 Voted in 2020, the Agec law aims to reduce waste and promote the recycling and reuse of products. National 05/01/2023 French
Vocational Training Act national law Training Germany dual training yes 08/01/2022 In Germany, the Vocational Training Act (BBiG) regulates in-company vocational training (dual system), vocational training preparation, further training and vocational retraining. The Vocational Training Act also defines the requirements for vocational training relationships. The Vocational Training Act was fundamentally amended on April 1, 2005.... National 09/01/1969 German
National Bioeconomy Strategy Germany national document Bioeconomy Germany Bioeconomy yes 09/01/2023 The objective of the bioeconomy is to combine economy and ecology to ensure a more sustainable use of resources. The German Federal Government deŒnes the bioeconomy as the production, exploitation and use of biological resources, processes and systems to provide products, processes and services across all economic sectors within the framework... National 12/06/2021 English
Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz - BAföG national law Training Germany training, financial support yes 09/01/2023 The Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) regulates state support for the training of pupils and students in Germany. The abbreviation BAföG is also used colloquially to refer to the social benefit resulting from the law. National 01/07/2022 German
Aufstiegsfortbildungsförderungsgesetz (AFBG) national law Training Germany training, government support yes 28/12/2022 The Upgrading Training Assistance Act (Aufstiegsfortbildungsförderungsgesetz, AFBG) provides financial support for the upgrading of craftsmen and other skilled workers and is intended to facilitate business start-ups. The funding is an equivalent to the Federal Training Assistance Act (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz, BAföG) and is therefore... National 01/01/1996 German
Lebensmittel- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch national law Food industry Germany food safety, food regulations yes 15/09/2021 The German Food and Feed Code (Lebensmittel- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch, LFGB) came into force as a federal law in Germany on September 7, 2005. It largely replaced the provisions of the Foodstuffs and Consumer Goods Act (LMBG). German food law was thus restructured in line with the EU's basic regulation, which has been in force since January... National 07/09/2005 German
Regulation (EU) No 1308/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 December 2013 establishing a common organisation of the markets in agricultural products and repealing Council Regulations (EEC) No 922/72, (EEC) No 234/79, (EC) No 1037/2001 EU legislation Agri business EU Producer Organisations, Farming, Agriculture, 11/01/2023 Producer organisations and their associations can play useful roles in concentrating supply, in improving the marketing, planning and adjusting of production to demand, optimising production costs and stabilising producer prices, carrying out research, promoting best practices and providing technical assistance, managing by-products and risk... European Union 11/01/2023 English
Commission communication on a long-term vision for the EU's Rural Areas - Towards stronger, connected, resilient and prosperous rural areas by 2040 European Commission communication Training EU agriculture, farming, training, skills, cooperatives, employment, social, environmental, economic sustainability no 30/06/2022 The EU’s rural areas are a core part of the European way of life. They are home to 137 million people representing almost 30% of its population and over 80% of its territory, considering all communes and municipalities of Europe with low population size or density 1 . They are widely recognised and valued for food production, management of natural... European Union 30/06/2022 English
Council Regulation (EC) No 1435/2003 of 22 July 2003 on the Statute for a European Cooperative Society (SCE) EU law Entrepreneurship EU Cooperatives, agriculture, economic development, gender equality, women 22/07/2003 Recital 4) The Community, anxious to ensure equal terms of competition and to contribute to its economic development, should provide cooperatives, which are a form of organisation generally recognised in all Member States, with adequate legal instruments capable of facilitating the development of their cross-border activities. The United Nations... European Union 18/08/2003 English
Dlgs 28 january 2016 , n. 15 Legislative decree Veterinary activities Italy Veterinary sector skills yes 28/01/2016 Provisions on the recognition of professional qualifications National 10/02/2016 Italian
Decreto direttoriale 18 march 2022 Directorial decree Training Italy Training, Veterinary sector yes 18/03/2022 Provisions regarding veterinary training on protection of animals used for scientific purposes National 23/04/2022 Italian
Dlgs 5 august 2022, n. 135 Legislative decree Training Italy Animal production, Training yes 05/08/2022 Provisions on Training for animal handler and professionals National 27/09/2022 Italian
Dlgs 5 august 2022, n. 136 Legislative decree Veterinary activities Italy Training, Veterinary sector yes 05/08/2022 Provisions on veterinary training in the prevention and control of animal deseases that are transmissible to animals or humans National 27/09/2022 Italian
Law 17 july 2020, n. 77 National law Training Italy Training yes 17/07/2020 Provisions regarding the institution of the “New skills Fund" and urgent measures on health and support for work National 19/07/2020 Italian
Decision No 2179/98/EC EU regulation Sustainability EU Sustainability yes 10/10/1998 Decision No 2179/98/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 September 1998 on the review of the European Community programme of policy and action in relation to the environment and sustainable development 'Towards sustainability" European Union 24/09/1998 English
Regulation (EU) 2019/1381 EU regulation Sustainability EU Sustainability, Risk assessment, Food regulations, Food chain yes 06/09/2019 Regulation (EU) 2019/1381 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 June 2019 on the transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment in the food chain and amending Regulations (EC) No 178/2002, (EC) No 1829/2003, (EC) No 1831/2003, (EC) No 2065/2003, (EC) No 1935/2004, (EC) No 1331/2008, (EC) No 1107/2009, (EU) 2015/2283 and... European Union 20/06/2019 English
Directive (EU) 2018/2001 EU regulation Bioeconomy EU Renewable Energy 21/12/2018 Directive (EU) 2018/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 December 2018 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (recast) (Text with EEA relevance.) European Union 11/12/2018 English
Decision (EU) 2022/591 EU regulation Bioeconomy EU Climate Change, Waste management,Renewable Energy yes 12/04/2022 Decision (EU) 2022/591 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 6 April 2022 on a General Union Environment Action Programme to 2030 European Union 06/04/2022 English
Decision (EU) 2021/820 EU regulation Training EU Innovation yes 28/05/2021 Decision (EU) 2021/820 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 May 2021 on the Strategic Innovation Agenda of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) 2021-2027: Boosting the Innovation Talent and Capacity of Europe and repealing Decision No 1312/2013/EU (Text with EEA relevance) European Union 20/05/2021 English
Law 35/2011 of 4 October 2011 on shared ownership of agricultural holdings National law Agri business Spain ownership of holdings yes 05/10/2011 Regulation of shared ownership of agricultural holdings in order to promote and favour real and effective equality for women in rural areas, through legal and economic recognition of their participation in agricultural activity. National 05/01/2012 Spanish
Royal Decree 1311/2012 of 14 September establishing the framework for action to achieve a sustainable use of plant protection products (from 184/11). Decree-law Sustainability Spain Quality and environmental assessment yes 15/09/2012 Establishing the framework for action to achieve a sustainable use of plant protection products by reducing the risks and impacts of the use of plant protection products on human health and the environment. And the promotion of integrated pest management and alternative approaches or techniques, such as non-chemical methods. National 01/01/2014 Spanish
Law 32/2007, of 7 November, for the care of animals, in their exploitation, transport, experimentation and slaughter. National law Animal production Spain livestock yes 08/11/2007 Establish basic rules on the exploitation, transport, testing and slaughter for the care of animals and a common system of infringements and penalties to ensure compliance. National 08/12/2007 Spanish
Law 13/2013 of 2 August 2013 on the promotion of the integration of cooperatives and other agri-food associations National law Agri business Spain agrifood Co-operatives yes 23/08/2013 The purpose of this law is to promote the merger or integration of agri-food cooperatives and other associative cooperatives and other associative entities of an agri-food nature by setting up or expanding agri-food enlargement of agri-food associative entities of a sufficient economic dimension, and whose establishment and economic scope of... National 23/08/2013 Spanish
Law 12/2013 of 2 August 2013 on measures to improve the functioning of the food supply chain National law Food industry Spain Food regulations yes 03/08/2013 The purpose of this Law is to establish measures to improve the functioning of the food supply chain in order to achieve the aims set out in Article 3 National 03/01/2014 Spanish
Animal Welfare Act Legal Act Veterinary activities Germany Animal Welfare yes 02/02/2023 The German Animal Welfare Act (pdf) is some of the strictest legislation in the world and affords animals far-reaching protection. According to the law they are fellow creatures. At the same time, animal research is explicitly allowed, but it must always be shown that the goal of the experiments cannot be reached using other methods or techniques... National 02/02/2023 German
Civil Code Section 89 Division 2 National Regulation Veterinary activities Germany Animal Welfare yes 02/02/2023 Animals are not things. They are protected by special statutes. They are governed by the provisions that apply to things, with the necessary modifications, except insofar as otherwise provided. National 02/02/2023 English
UE Basic Regulation No 178/2002 EU Regulation Food industry EU Food Business Regulation yes 02/02/2023 Forms the basis of EU food legislation. In accordance with the food safety requirements laid down in Article 14 of this Regulation, which are directed at food business operators in particular, food which is unsafe may not be placed on the market. European Union 02/02/2023 English
PPWR EU Regulation Food industry EU packaging waste yes 30/11/2022 This initiative updates the EU legislative framework for packaging and packaging waste by giving Member States and businesses adequate support to achieve waste reduction targets. This support takes the form of a harmonised regulatory framework that supports investment, reduces waste and promotes high-quality recycling, which will apply equally in... European Union 30/11/2024 English na
GREEN CLAIMS PROPOSAL OF DIRECTIVE GREEN CLAIMS Food industry EU GREEN CLAIMS PEF ENVIRONMENTAL LABELLING yes 27/01/2023 The Commission announced in its 2020 Circular Economy Action Plan that it will prepare legislation requiring companies to substantiate voluntary green claims based on the Product and Organization Environmental Footprint Methods. While the Empowering Consumers Legislation contains general rules around preventing misleading sustainability B2C claims... European Union 02/02/2023 English NA